You have to actually be in town to pass your classes, skunkbutt!!! Thankfully, there’s a whole file of recorded class lectures waiting for you when you get home. *slow, evil cackles*
…you’re a horrible woman and i don’t know why i love you

Because, to quote you, I “have an ass Bunny Wailer could play on for days and never get tired.”  

Celebrating Earth Day in style!  A centerpiece of flowers with vegetables on all four sides.  I think the tenants and I found a good mixture of stuff to grow and hopefully within a few months we’ll have delicious home-grown food to eat!



[TXT] you stay safe, too, Kyle

[Ring Txt] No problem.

[Ring Txt] LOL OH THAT I told her a bed made it weird

[Ring Txt] but yeah you did indeed request company while you slept

[Ring Txt] it was pretty cute

[Ring Txt] ok I’ll come by and get the deets from you. Kate’s involved! Oh good

[Ring Txt] that’s perfect she is a hero like in every way possible

three hours later…

[Ring Txt] You recall what else you told us? Me and Zee I mean, when we visited?

[TXT] dude it was so frilly i could count the layers of frills from across the room

[TXT] wasn’t weird, just out of place, lol

[TXT] kate’s so awesome i basically want to be her most of the time

Three hours and a few minutes later:

[TXT] umm i remember we were talking but i don’t really remember what i said???  

[TXT] lol did i say something totally embarrassing?  because if i weirded you guys out, i am so sorry


Kyle is in space when he gets Mar’i’s texts.

Ever since he’s relenquished actual cell phones and willed his ring to accept texts and calls, the alerts pop up in (what feels like) the corners of his eyeballs.  It’s like a stray contact lens - you have to roll your eyes to bring the message to the ‘front’; and until then, it just sticks like chewed taffy in the periphery.

It says a lot when Kyle’s first instinct, upon getting the alert, is that Mar’i’s texts take precedence over the large Mypar robot cleaning ship looming above the little Lantern.  Kyle indulges himself in three seconds to process: 1) Mar’i got the tape, and liked it!; 2) Earth things mean something to him!; and 3) yay, he in touch with his society! Via its obsession with prioritizing texting above all else, including very large Mypar robot cleaning ships.

But he only takes three seconds to enjoy this moment before returning his attention to the ship.  After settling the dispute  (turns out the ‘sabotage’ was really just a nest of refugee Xlyn’picex from Sector 2300 stashed in the cleaning ship’s manoeuvre bay), Kyle texts Mar’i back.

[Ring Txt] chido chidochido, y de nada 

[Ring Txt] ‘unexpected’ que.  Don’t pull a Kyle on me, muchacha. we’re friends, it’s what friends do, etc

Kyle looks back at his current cargo carried in a large green tractor beam: a tree-sized nest of the Xlyn’picex refugees, cowering and blibbering.  He sighs, and slows down.

[Ring Txt] Since you’re down and out, my offer’s still up for helping out those professionals you were assisting b4

[Ring Txt] I’d be happy to do what I can for them, til u get well again

[Ring Txt] I’ll be on-planet in 

He looks back again at the refugees, and one of them has crawled out onto a branch, holding vur’s little antennae out to him pleadingly.  

"Oh geez.  Now why’d you have to go do that,"  Kyle says to the Xlyn’picexian.  He changes course, his ring informing the frightened aliens of an assurance of asylum.

[Ring Txt] I’ll be on-planet in two days, I’ll give you a shout when I get back

[Ring Txt] stay safe amiga

[TXT] I didn’t mean you being a pal was unexpected, I meant waking up to you and Zee slobbering all over each other on a four-post canopy bed in the middle of my hospital room was unexpected.  

[TXT] and yeah, I’d totally appreciate you keeping an eye on them while Kate gets some of the protective stuff in place.  I wish it wasn’t necessary, but yanno

[TXT] you stay safe, too, Kyle



Granted, I can get pretty angry over 독도 and 위안부, too, especially in the right company.

I think you’ve got a point when it comes to Korean-Japanese relations, but it’s more treacherous territory when a white Yankee dude keeps subscribing to the idea of the yellow peril. Tends to smack of American exceptionalism and the whole world police thing, and the racism sneaks on in there.

He can hate on the Huns till kingdom come, though. More bratwurst and pretzels for me!

EWW, nevermind. I need to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this shit. I wish old crusty dudes could separate their asinine, unfounded, backwards-ass bullshit from real issues that are still affecting the groups that actually had to deal with Japanese occupation. And then more than half of those old dudes sit around and talk about how “subservient” Asian women are and I just want to vomit all over myself.

Yeah, yeah, Ollie, we know you like batwurst.




Fine, I’ll just google it.

No no don’t waste your time!  He’s one of those time-displaced Army dudes from WWII, which for some reason we have a lot of on this planet. Bruce met him a couple times and he’s hung around the League a bit, and he’s always very gung-ho about things in a WWII kind of way. He won’t drive a German car or eat tempura, let’s put it that way.

He’s also apparently the subject of a somewhat-catchy British tune by XTC, Google informs me.

And I mean, I see where that sort of thinking is antiquated, but at the same time if he’s coming at it from more of an action-based thinking rather than a racial-based thinking, then it’s honestly not too terribly far off from how I was taught.  You can trust Japanese people, but don’t trust their government.  A lot of the 아줌마 and 아저씨 I know are still pretty adamant about that.  Granted, I can get pretty angry over 독도 and 위안부, too, especially in the right company.


looktothenightstar replied to your photo
Sergeant Rock is going to help me? Is that some sort of rock-climbing mantra or something?

goddammit I was hoping that nobody would notice that

Sergeant Rock doesn’t help anybody, ever, even when he’s trying to. Which makes him a great and really mean in-joke.

Fine, I’ll just google it.

Taped to the balcony’s sliding glass door is a slightly bent manila envelope.  On it is Sharpie’d “HI MAR’I, IT’S FROM KYLE!!!” on the surface.  Inside is a USB drive in the shape of a cassette-tape, as well as a note, also scrawled in Sharpie:

Hey welcome home I heard you liked sleep so I made you a sleepytime mixtape.  Tracks include:

  1. Heavy rainfall (25:30)
  2. Stormy ocean (21:00)
  3. Sand ocean of Oone9 (36:22)
  4. Star shower from the Ta-Gan moon of Ufi (24:14)
  5. Happy people in the next room (20:32)
  6. Summertime backyard (40:10)
  7. Campfire at night (21:45)
  8. Slyggian rhythm breathing (33:30)
  9. A full dryer (18:15)
  10. Ipkin mud weeds on a windy day (34:31)

Feel better and see you soon



Mar’i doesn’t bother with the tracks recorded on-planet, skipping instead to the ones with exotic names and terrible translations — English script can’t capture some of the sounds here, not in the vastness of alien tongues.  She flicks through the off-planet files, changing the song after every few seconds of sound, sampling each one before she settles on the star shower.

Poppy trills in what can only be some warm and distant recognition of the sound, curling up on Mar’i’s chest when the woman stretches out on the couch and closes her eyes.  They both sense that feeling, deep down, of how empty everything feels in this apartment, in this city, on this continent.  Neither of them, for better or worse, can quite remember what gravity feels like when it’s oceans away, so it’s easier to imagine meteors crashing towards a moon that is always calling for them.  

Mar’i awakens several hours later once the tracks have stopped and the apartment has resumed its haunting silence.  She reaches over, drowsily, and searches without looking for her phone.  Once she finds it, she drags it over, the LCD screen sending a beam of blue light across the now-pitch black apartment, framing her body on the wall.

[TXT; to Kyle] Good sleeping mix, man

[TXT] Thank you, seriously

[TXT] Also thanks for visiting me!  It was sweet of you and Zee to stay with me.  Kind of unexpected, but sweet!  Did you guys tell me you were going to spend the night or something?  I may have been just too doped up to remember tbth

First day out of the Medbay and back on my own couch, and one of my elderly neighbors (I have almost an entire floor of them) just came over with some 삼계탕 and 김치전.  I ask her what her Easter plans are, since I thought she was one of the 아줌마 who goes to the Korean church on Ellis Street on the potluck nights.  

And then she pulls out a blunt.

So happy Easter AND 4/20, everybody.  I’m eating soup made by a high auntie who is in turn eating all my Doritos and looking at Poppy like she can’t tell if she’s real or not.  Stranger things have happened.

[TXT] your hair looks like wet popcorn

[TXT] i like the parts of your face that are covered with skin

Between this set of images and this, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard within the span of five minutes. 



The message pops up as soon as you log into the Justice League mainframe.

Attached is a digital copy of the legal agreement for the collection and use of your DNA. Every current and former League member will receive a physical copy in their mailboxes. Please review. Any questions on the procedure itself can be directed to me. Any questions on the contract can be directed to Manhunter.

[ENCRYPTED COMM REPLY] I’ve attached the signed file.  Any blood in the Watchtower blood bank with my name on it might be the engineered stuff Adebayo’s been using to avoid rejection or sepsis.  Do you want me to have one of the nurses take a fresh sample?